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Canvas RevealX

A Brand New Artform

400 Years in the Making

 RevealX is a brand new stress-free artform that has been specifically designed to enable anyone to produce an oil painted canvas masterpiece from any digitally printed image. Canvas RevealX has aptly been described as 'A Brand New Artform' because it uniquely combines the digital printing of pictures and photographs with the age-old oil painting techniques pioneered by the Old Masters like Rembrandt hundreds of years ago. 




We are excited to announce our NEW distribution Partner Canvas Revealx. 

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Key Reasons why to choose Canvas RevealX

It makes for a great gift 

It takes no skill to do and it's fun

These are a fun DIY project

It's a fun activity you can do with the family

It's satisfying to do and you have a feeling of accomplishment when you finish

It's a great conversation starter because it's so unique

What is Canvas RevealX

Canvas RevealX is a stress-free one of a kind oil painting art experience. A modern-day painting by numbers, but without the necessity for paint or the numbers to guide you. It is a process that combines the latest digital printing technology with the age-old techniques of painting on canvas. It will provide you with a unique interactive user experience, where you become the artist and you get that awesome feeling of pride and accomplishment as stroke by stroke you gradually Reveal your picture, and when you are finished, you stand back and say to yourself, that’s my picture, I did this, I just created a Masterpiece.

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